• Importance of Playing by Richard Feynman

    Перечитываю одну замечательную книгу : Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! и нахожу, в который раз уже, параллели с собой. Ввиду того, что испытываю полный burn out - депрессию и все в таком духе, для меня советы вполне актуальны и важны. Самоанализ вполне себе вещь. Но специалист лучше.

  • Heisenbug or the true story of undefined behavior, part 2

    In the previous part, we’ve discussed the problem that was presented in RedBaron. Today I want to show you my old work, my old little investigation about another strange bug(or feature?) in Baron. Baron is a part of RedBaron library, literally, RedBaron relies on Baron Full Syntax Tree which it’s giving for next manipulations. Baron had a problem with CommentNode’s position in the FST tree. This bug broke RedBaron’s nodes recognition.

  • Heisenbug or the true story of undefined behavior, part 1

    One day I was developing a program to work with a python source code. A kind of analyzer for the static code analysis. I found a library Redbaron and wanted conduct some research to understand its capabilities.No so fast cowboy I wrote a lot of python code in Pycharm created by the JetBrains. After my tests via pytest I’ve got the first bug. I’ve got the same problem like in #119 (Really, Is it a problem of IDE by the JetBrains?).